Guidelines and Templates

Writing Guidelines for IICIES 2019 Papers


Refer to the sample on the website. The general guidelines are as follow :

  1. The type of paper which is used in essay writing is custom size height 10.24” and width 7.48” or height 262 mm and width 192 mm
  2. The margin should be the mirror margin with limitation in inside 0.51” or 1.3 cm, outside 0.55” or 1.4 cm, top 0.63” or 1.6 cm, and bottom 0.87” or 2.21 cm.
  3. The length of the paper should be limited to 10 pages including tables, figures, references and appendices.
  4. The font to use for the essay is TNR 10pt, exactly at 12pt. The content of the essay (besides the title until the keywords) should be printed in one columns.

Title Block and Authors (See the example on the website)

  1. Title block should be centered.
  2. For one author, the name should be on one line and address should be on the next line, all centered under the title block.
  3. For multiple authors with the same address, all names should be listed on one line, then the common address should be given on the next line, all centered under the title block.
  4. For multiple authors with different addresses, all names should be given on one line with a superscript.
  5. The addresses should be given on one line each, with corresponding superscripts. All should be centered under the title block.


A paper should include the purpose of the study, the method, the results and discussion, and the conclusions.


  1. Submissions must not have been published elsewhere.
  2. Submit the paper to the committee by


  1. Each reference should be cited with the last name of the first author follow by year of publication, when it appears in the text. TNR 8pt.
    Example :
    Aggressive defense mechanism was defined in the chapter 18 of Introduction to Organizational Behavior as follow: "Aggressive defense mechanism include those reactions by which we directly or indirectly attack the source of the threat to our self-concept" (Steers, 1996)
  2. It is not necessary to mention the source if it is already written beforehand.
    For example :
    Arthur Goldsmith defined entrepreneurial politics as a situation in which "... society, or large part of it, thinks it gains from a policy that harms a small segment of society" (2002)
  3. All author`s names should be given in the references (do not use "et al." unless there are six or more authors).
  4. All of the sources cited in the paper should be included in the list of references.
  5. The first author`s name should be listed as <Last name>, <First initial>, <Middle initial>, followed by the subsequent authors listed as <First initial>, <Middle initial>, <Last name>.
  6. The references should be sorted and numerically ordered by the last name of the first author.

Further Details

Kindly check and download paper template document provided here.